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An inspired idea sparked on the bustling Parisian streets, quickly turned into a high-quality, luxury cashmere label.

Alessandra creates feminine, sophisticated and considered garments for bold, intelligent women looking to add a little luxury to their everyday.

Meet Alessandra

We were founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2002 by Creative Director Alessandra Brand.

Alessandra was raised in the textile industry, spending most nights after school on the Carlton factory floor. With sentimental ties to garment design and production, Alessandra was the next logical step.

Having been immersed in the family garment and textile business from such a young age, Alessandra developed a natural affinity for beautiful fabrics and quality design. These intrinsic memories and a fundamental appreciation of the fashion industry would go on to form the building blocks for Alessandra.

What we do

What started as a few styles based off a bright, playful cashmere sweater that was gifted to Alessandra as a child, has evolved into a multi-faceted fashion label, offering not only cashmere but also the highest quality natural fibres.

Designing playful and considered luxury garments for bold, intelligent women with a key focus on making them as accessible as possible has always been important to Alessandra.

The Alessandra customer has an appreciation for quality garments that are both on trend and timeless. When she sees an Alessandra garment on a shop rack she feels inspired, and when she wakes up in the morning and puts on that outfit, she feels confident.  


Every tiny detail of our collections is meticulously curated by our Melbourne based team of talented designers. From the buttons to the buckle. The thread colour to the pleat placement. The finest linen, the softest cashmere. No detail is too small and no little luxury is unimportant.