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Linen is considered to be the strongest natural fibre, which is exactly why we love it. In saying this, linen can be unpredictable and caring for your linen pieces is just as important as caring for your knitwear. 


We suggest that you wash your linen by hand, or on a gentle machine cycle. Be sure to use lukewarm or cold water and avoid bleach or brighteners.


We recommend that you air dry your linen. As it does have a tendency to shrink when exposed to heat, only tumble-dry on a delicate or no heat cycle. When air drying, lay your garment flat to avoid imprints from hangers


Linen is made up of natural bonds that allows it to be such a breathable and durable textile. It is the same bonds that cause linen to crease. To rid of your linen’s creases we suggest you steam your linen garments, alternatively allowing the steam from your hot shower to work its magic and leave your linen crease free.