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Follow our step by step guide to ensure your knits stay tip-top year round.

The sun has finally decided to show her lovely face. Which means it’s time to gather your warm weather treasures and store the winter woolies until Jack Frost returns.  Don’t take this step too lightly as poorly stored knits can damage the delicate fibres and invite dreaded moths to treat your beloved pieces as a 6 month buffet. 

The essentials to long lasting knitwear.

Like a great pair of leather boots, if you take care of your knits they will be with you for years to come. 

The key points 

  • Wash your knits before you store them 
  • Depill if needed 
  • Store in an airtight container (if possible)
  • Store with a scented moth deterrent. 
Wash to wear.

It’s important to wash your knits before you store them as any organic matter on your knits will only make them more delicious to moths. We like to use our organic wool wash as it’s gentle on luxury fibres and the environment. 

The basics of washing your knits

This is how we like to do it, but you might have a washing machine you trust. This is merely the most risk averse way that we have found. 

  • hand wash in cool water with the wool wash of your choice and rinse thoroughly in clean water. Do not rub or ring out too roughly as you don’t want to felt or mat the fibres. 
  • gently squeeze your knits to remove excess moisture.
  • lie flat on a towel out of direct sunlight to dry. Remember to gently reshape the knit on the towel and don’t let the arms hang off the side as this can stretch them. 
Evercare Accessory N/A Evercare Fabric Shaver

Depill! Those little balls of yarn that form on the surface of your knit from friction. It could be from a bag, a seat belt or for many of us, simply busy daily life.

This is a common occurrence with natural fibres and very easy to remedy. On dry knits use a fabric shaver, this is our tried and true model here, to glide across the surface of your knit and remove unwanted pilling. You can do this through the season too and as needed. It’s very quick and extremely effective! 

Where to store your knits

If possible, a sealed plastic tub is a good option as you can prevent moths from entering and eating your knits. We like to loosely roll our knits and try not to overfill the box to avoid stubborn creases.

Alessandra Accessory 100ml Natural Room & Linen Spray
Something Scented

Store your knits with a scented moth deterrent. We like something natural like lavender, cedar, clove, peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary. 

Our linen spray is also a good option as it is full of beautiful organic oils that we love but moths hate! If you don’t have access to these you can use mothballs from the supermarket. 

Easy access scented moth deterrents

  • Scented soap bars. They hold their scent well and often come in moth-repellent options like lavender, eucalyptus oil etc. 
  • Sachets of scented fabric softener. Easy to get in the laundry aisle of your supermarket
  • Lavender sachets. You can buy dried lavender flowers from many spice and health food shops. Or buy the sachets ready made online or from craft markets. 
  • Dab some essential oils on cotton pads (let it dry first) and then store between your knits. 
  • Bay leaves! See if a friendly neighbour will give you a branch off their tree, they are everywhere once you know what to spot. 
  • Rosemary sprigs. Another lovely natural option and often grows in abundance as street planting. Wrap it in some tissue or paper towel (to ensure their oils don’t get on your knits) and pop in between your knits. 


Having moths is not a reflection on your home and cleanliness; it’s just an unfortunate byproduct of natural fibres. The more luxurious the fibre, the more they love it. So premium cashmere, mohair and merino is their dream!

A little love and care will save you a lot of heartache come winter and ensure your knits are fresh and cosy when those first leaves fall.