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Alessandra's Ultimate Guide To Cashmere

Alessandra Sweater Fifi Crew Cashmere Sweater in Chiffon
Alessandra Sweater Fifi Crew Cashmere Sweater in Chiffon

If you’re sitting on your first cashmere purchase of a sweater you’ve been loving, but maybe need a bit more information on the What, Why & How - This one is for you! We love a good cashmere sweater, but obviously, it’s not priced like other woollen sweaters - and may need an extra TLC. That’s why we’ve compiled what we know and love about cashmere to help you navigate the luxury fibre we know and love! 

What is Cashmere?

Cashmere is an incredibly soft fiber that comes from Cashmere Goats. Cashmere Yarn is produced through a refined process before being made into the luxury garments that keep us warm in the cooler months.

Where does Cashmere come from? 

Cashmere comes from cashmere goats that can be found in the highlands of Asia. China is the largest Alessandra sources cashmere from certified cashmere suppliers. Our suppliers have multiple standards implemented to ensure the wellbeing of the cashmere goats, herders, and environment. 

What makes Cashmere more expensive?

Cashmere Goats produce only a small amount of wool in comparison to the wool produced by standard sheep. Cashmere is also very fine, which is what makes the fiber very soft and comfortable. Cashmere can be up to 6 times finer than human hair. Cashmere garments are also up to times more insulating than sheep's wool.

Due to how fine cashmere fibers are, cashmere is softer and more comfortable to wear than other wool. The itchiness that can be produced by other knitted garments are noticeably not present with cashmere.

How to store Cashmere

Your knitwear's longevity is greatly influenced by how well you store them. Knitwear should be stored in a water/air proof compartment or elective cool, dry space like a dresser. We suggest they are washed, dried and aired before putting them away. 

Using scents like soap or floral we sachets (we suggest lavender, cedar and sandalwood smells) while storing is also a great way to keep your garments at their ultimate peak and looking good year-round. This is to deter moths and other critters that may destroy your cashmere garments. Cedar and sandalwood are also effective against silverfish, which can be equally damaging to your knitwear.

Alessandra Sweater Fifi Crew Cashmere Sweater in Lagoon
Evercare Accessory N/A Evercare Fabric Shaver

How To Wash Cashmere

We recommend washing your sweater in cold water by hand or on a gentle machine cycle. Turn your sweater inside out and use a mild laundry liquid. Avoid fabric softener to prevent fibers from pilling.

Natural fibers are most delicate when wet. To maintain your garment's shape, do not wring out your sweater while drying. For cashmere garments, roll your sweater in a clean towel to remove water, then reshape and dry it in the shade.

Cashmere is a high-quality natural fiber, known for its warmth-to-weight ratio and longevity. Natural fibers can start to pill (form fuzz balls). This is a common trait of these fibers and proves your sweater's authenticity. We suggest using a high-quality fabric shaver, like Evercare, to remove pills. Preventing pilling completely is difficult, but proper care can reduce it.


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