HOW TO: Care for Your Knits
We like to think of caring for our knitwear as a form of self-care, because why not?! It’s not just feel-good for us, but it’s feel-good for the planet too. As we are all on our own journeys to live more consciously and lower our environmental impact, we thought why not start with one of your favourite places − your wardrobe.   From choosing to invest in carefully considered collections made using high-quality, responsible materials to caring for staple pieces so they last season after season. Whether it’s a soft cashmere cardigan or a beautiful cotton-blend knit, a little extra TLC goes a long way. Here are our top tips to extend the lifespan of your favourite garments.DON’T MAKE FRIENDS WITH MOTHS  As it turns out, pesky little moths love luxuriously soft cashmere as much as you do! A cosy knit is actually the perfect environment for moths to lay their offspring in. They love keratin-based fabrics like cashmere, wool, mohair and fur. While we can’t blame them for that, we can usually blame them for the tiny holes they make in garments.If you find your garment has a small hole it is 95% of the time a moth hole and yes, we all have them. This has nothing to do with your environment and everything to do with a tasty soft luxury yarn, the softer the yarn the more the moth is drawn to it. In fact, it is generally a testament to the superior quality of the yarn used. Basically, they have great taste!  KNIT TIP: Cedar or sandalwood is also great for repelling silverfish, which can be just as damaging to knitwear.To protect your knits and other clothing from moths ensure they are stored in an airtight container or chest of drawers. Preferably laundered or with a scented item such as a soap, scented cedarwood balls or dried lavender sachets as moths are repelled by strong fragrances. Other effective scents include cloves, thyme, rosemary, mint and sandalwood.   You can make your own scented sachets or find them readily available online, at some supermarkets and chemists or in gift shops.   Using a linen spray and airing before storing is also a great way to keep your garments at their ultimatum peak and looking good year-round.  KNIT TIP: Cedar or sandalwood is also great for repelling silverfish, which can be just as damaging to knitwear.How to care for your knits with Alessandra Cashmere
MARIE KONDO YOUR STORAGE SPACE  Well, if knitwear sparks joy for you, that is! Correctly storing your knitwear plays a big role in ensuring the longevity of your garments. For the best longevity, knits need to be stored in an airtight container or alternatively a cool, dry space, like a chest of drawers. We recommend they are laundered, dried and well aired before storing away too. Bonus points for putting a scented soap or sachet in there too to scare away any moths. Our go-to is a calming lavender. SAY BYE TO PILLS AND FUZZ  We don’t need to tell you that cashmere is a high-quality natural fibre, you know (and love) that! It’s renowned for its warmth-to-weight ratio and long lifespan but over time natural fibres can start to pill (yes, we’re talking about *those* little fuzz balls). Fabric pills are a common behaviour of natural fibres and actually prove your sweater's authenticity, so it’s not all bad! Preventing your sweater from pilling is very difficult, however, you can reduce the amount of pilling by caring for your garment properly. We recommend running a high-quality fabric shaver just lightly over your sweater when they appear. Our shaver of choice is Evercare as it’s gentle, easy to use by hand, and fits into a travel case!  Any questions on product care? Ask our expert team! We are always here to help.