Sandra's Tips: How to Wash your Cashmere


Cashmere is one of life’s simplest luxuries.  It is renowned for its silky, soft finish, flawless feel and long-term insulation. We love designing and manufacturing with this natural fibre so you can take home a piece of luxury and wear it forever.

Just like you invest in your cashmere, your cashmere invests in you. To ensure that your garment lasts its intended lifespan it is important that you care for it correctly.

Contrary to what you’re heard, washing your cashmere preserves the delicate natural fibres and in-turn ensures that your favourite sweater lasts longer - saving you time and money!

Sandra’s love for cashmere dates back to her childhood, and who better to run you through a cashmere care guide than Alessandra Cashmere herself.

Let's Get Started...

1. Yes - it’s true. You can machine wash your cashmere! Ensure that your machine is set to a delicate cycle using cold water.

2. Spot any marks with your favourite spotting detergent, ensuring it is rid of any bleaching agents that may affect the colour of your sweater.

3.  Always use a mesh wash bag - to protect your sweater from agitation and friction that may cause pilling.

4. Place in your machine with like colours.

5. Add the recommended amount of washing liquid and your favourite cashmere shampoo.

(Pssst - Watch this space, your very own Alessandra Cashmere Shampoo is in the works!)

6. Once finished, place your sweater flat on a dry towel. Make sure that the colour of your towel is not too dark as the colour may run into your damp garment.

7. Roll up your sweater in the towel to remove the excess water. Avoid wringing out the towel as that can affect the shape of your garment.

8. Unroll and remove your sweater from the towel and lay out flat to dry. Always avoiding direct sunlight.

Sandra’s Extra Tips and Tricks

  • Always fold your knitwear to prevent stretching and distorting it’s fit.
  • You can store your cashmere in a breathable cotton or canvas, zip secured bag during the warmer months to avoid any moths or bugs that might sneak into your wardrobe.
  • Always wash your sweaters before storing them away to deter any nasties!

For further information on washing and caring for your Alessandra Cashmere garments see our Care Guide.