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Meet the Face Behind Curve
We sit down with Stas, the face behind the new Alessandra Curve collection to learn more about the new range.

How did the Alessandra Curve collection come to be?

In a world of fashion, it's so hard to find something well-made and, more importantly, natural breathable fibres in larger-than-your-average size. Designs that feel beautiful and flatter a curvy shape seem rather hard to come by! It always feels like sleeves are too long, shoulders are too broad and everything is only available in polyester or viscose.

Being a curvy girl in the team is one of many contributing factors. I’ve always been lucky enough to have the design team make things just for me and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to offer those designs to all women.

With an incredibly supportive boss lady, we were able to make Curve a reality. I’m already excited for the next season's collection to arrive.

Who was the Alessandra Curve collection designed for?

The Alessandra Curve range was designed for women who have a passion for fashion, a love of luxe and natural fibres.

There are many times I have walked past a shop window and dreamt of wearing what is on the mannequin only to discover the label only makes up to size 14. The average Australian woman is size 14, hence why it’s so frustrating for nothing readily available to fit! It’s so exciting to see more brands getting on board with plus size as there are many of us out there!

My pledge is to always try to make sure we have all women covered… Style has no size! 

What was your inspiration behind the range?

My inspiration was the obvious gap in the market. There are many brands who have plus size and do an amazing job at it but they don’t offer anything that is made from natural fabrics. For me, nothing upsets me more than making it to the end of the day and fearing that I smell courtesy of my polyester dress.

I love natural linen… it’s light, airy and ever so soft. Plus who doesn’t have a fantasy of wearing a beautiful linen dress on the back of a Vespa somewhere in Italy!

What can we expect to see from Alessandra Curve in the future?

We are just putting pen to paper on the new Summer range and there are some seriously cute pieces. Flowy dresses in flirty prints and I’m in heaven…  and of course, our classic linens in modern shapes. I already know I want one of EVERYTHING!

What is your favourite piece from the Curve collection?

My favourite piece is the Toffee dress, it was inspired by a beautiful image of a dancer I had seen in a magazine, but it was much more of a salsa style dress and I wanted it to be more something I could wear every day. The Toffee dress was named after my little puppy who comes into the office. It was also the dress I wore on my first date with my future husband so I knew it would be lucky!


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