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Styling Linen this Autumn with @mademoisellejaime

Winter is coming! As daunting as it is, we’ve found ourselves replacing summer staples and opting for more versatile textures and heavier weights. Packing away our summer go-to’s and opting for jeans and a jumper whilst easy, can be uninspiring. We spoke to our style muse Jamie-Lee (@mademoisellejaime) about how she carries ‘summer-friendly’ fabrics through to the cooler months, staying warm and ever-so-stylish.


Q. Heading into winter, we all love to layer up! We often associate linen with sun-blazing hot weather and forget that one of linens best qualities is versatility! What are your styling tips that incorporate fabrics like linen into your wardrobe, while still staying cosy this autumn?

I personally really love juxtaposing unexpected fabrics, and think that a good mix can be a simple way to add depth and visual interest to an outfit. So I think pairing linen with woollen fabrics - whether that’s mohair, lambswool or cashmere - can add a sense of softness and cosy-ness. I’ll also opt for linen silhouettes which give me good coverage; think long sleeved shirts (which look fab under a knit or with wool trousers), or an ankle-grazing pair of linen pants. 

 And when in doubt, go monochrome. This is such an effortless way to mix fabrics, all using one tonal colour scheme. It’s something I lean on a lot when I’m on a time crunch!



Q. Shopping for dresses as the weather cools down can sometimes be tricky. What are your favourite ways to style dresses in the lead up to Winter? 

Layer, layer and then layer some more. Versatility is pretty key when it comes to my closet, so I tend to think about how I can remix an item so it works across multiple seasons. 

I think about this holistically; so starting with base layers. Sheer knitted turtlenecks or ribbed cotton long sleeves. Often, in a similar colour or in black. Next is what I can wear to compliment it, so a chunky or fine knit cardigan, blazer, light trench or leather jacket. Following on from that, I’ll add another layer of versatility by wearing the dress essentially as a skirt; I’ll pop on a chunky knit, and belt it to create shape at the waist.


Q. Do you have any wardrobe must haves staples that you can confidently style no matter the forecast? 

Absolutely! I think we all have those classic wardrobe heroes which we tend to reach for year round. A basic tank or t-shirt is a big one for me. My style is quite simple, so having great foundations is key and I find myself reaching for them year round. A cotton poplin shirt is another one. It’s a wonderful layering piece, but you can also wear it worn open over a swimsuit or a tank in the summer, and then layered under knits in the winter. 


Q. Filing away our summer sandals and deciding on what new shoes to splurge on this season is sometimes harder than expected, do you have any must-have shoes that you pair with your linen pieces?

I have a confession to make… my sandals stay out year round. I feel pretty spoilt living in Sydney, given how mild our winters are. Most days are around 17 deg C, so I can get away with wearing my favourite summer slides as long as I bundle up. Aside from slides, I love wearing them with ballet flats - another good year rounder - or a loafer for a bit of style juxtaposition.



Q. When curating our collections we always keep longevity in mind, and aim to design pieces that our customers can continue to wear season after season. What are your favourite Alessandra pieces that you keep coming back to?

And that’s one of the things I love about Alessandra - especially seeing your core styles pop up reimagined each season. I think my absolute favourite piece is a sage green mohair knitted coatigan. It’s deceptively warm; feels so lightweight, but keeps me cosy when it’s cool, and I get *so* many compliments about it when I wear it. Definitely one of the items in my closet I’m very excited to start reaching for again when the weather cools down.


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Learn more about Jamie-Lee and her style on Instagram and via her blog.