Nothing beats the thrill of a long-awaited vacay! And after what feels like an eternity on “holiday-hold,” the world has finally opened up and so have those holiday destinations you’ve been waiting for! Maybe it’s a European escape along the Amalfi coast or a winter wonderland in the snowy ranges of Queenstown.

Wherever the destination, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to holiday packing.



The basis of any good holiday wardrobe starts with planning. Knowing what to dress for can really inform what to pack. If you’re not sure where to start here are a few questions to consider.

  • What’s the weather forecast?
  • How long is the trip planned for?
  • What activities are on the agenda?



As much as we love travelling the time it takes to get to your destination can sometimes be a long and tiring one. When it comes to your first holiday outfit, comfort is key. Whether it’s a long road-trip or an overseas flight, a cotton-cashmere twin-set is our outfit go-to. Nothing beats lounge-worthy pants in a light-weight cotton with a hint of cashmere softness.

And did I mention they come with matching sweaters?

Discover our Cotton Cashmere range.



Luggage space is like good real estate! Great to have but can be costly if you have to upgrade and need more! To save on luggage real estate you want to make sure you pack some good staples. These are the pieces you will have on high-rotation and can mix and match between outfits.

Here is our packing-proof list of holiday staples;

  • Cotton tees - wherever the destination you will always need tees!
  • A pair of comfy loafers! We recommend the Art Loafer
  • A one and done outfit piece. Our go-to is the Aviator Jumpsuit.
  • A cosy sweater. Whether it’s for on the plane or returning to a winter at home, when in doubt – pack a sweater!



Here at Alessandra HQ the girls are notoriously known for wearing cashmere all year-round. Call us crazy but what most people don’t know is cashmere features properties that make it suitable for even the hottest months. Being a natural fabric, it's able to maintain consistent body temperature by allowing our skin to breath. The thermally insulating fibres absorb moisture and expel it in the form of vapour, keeping you cosy and cool.

If you’re expecting sunshine and warmth at your holiday destination opt for a light-weight cashmere sweater. This will make the perfect beach cover up for breezy coastal sunsets and is without a doubt the best space-saving carry on for travelling between destinations.

If a cooler climate is on the vacay-agenda then toasty polos and heavy-weight knits are your friend. We recommend luxury fibres like Cashmere, Merino or Mohair. It goes without saying the heat retention properties in these fabrics are like non other. If you’re not too sure which knit to pack the Fifi polo is a cashmere crowd favourite and is great for layering. We also recommend something like the Clifftop sweater from our Ali range. This chunky heavy-weight sweater is a 90% superfine merino and 10% cashmere blend and really packs a punch.

Do you run extra hot? Why not try one of our cotton knits. Whether you’re thinking a cotton cashmere blend or our 100% cotton range you can sit pretty and ultra-comfy in our breathable, comfortable and chic trans-seasonal go-tos.



To say these are a vacay must-have is an understatement. Packing the right holiday wardrobe is one thing, but when it comes to keeping them looking their fresh-best all holiday long you need to pack the right care products. A good wool & delicates wash will never lead you astray. Using this to launder your garments will keep them clean and in holiday peak condition without being too harsh or invasive. Remember a little extra care goes a long way when it comes to looking after luxury fibre garments whether you’re at home or on a trip.

Why not decant a little of your Wool and Delicates Wash into a travle bottle next time you're preparing your toiletries for travel? You will thank yourself later!

If you’ve packed conservatively and need to stretch your garments between washes, we recommend using an all-natural linen spray. This will keep your favourite pieces fresh while also warding off any potential holiday-crashing moths.

For all the details on how to care for your luxury fibre garments head to our latest care-guide blog.



  • A variety of sweaters (1 x polo, 1 x heavy-weight knit, 1 x light weight knit for layering)
  • A cosy scarf
  • Shirts for layering under knits. Baby Cotton Corduroy is our fabric of choice for winter shirting
  • A heavy-weight pant or your favourite pair of jeans. We’re currently obsessed with the Fleur denim pant.
  • An easy throw on and go cardigan. The Riptide cardigan in Mohair is our knit of choice.
  • Shirt dresses. These are perfect for layering under a sweater and always good to have for a dressy occasion!

The quantity of each of these items will depend on the length of your trip but remember more often than not, you never wear as much as you pack. Is anyone else guilty of wearing the same favourite tee on holiday instead of the 10 others that were packed?!


Clockwise from left: Riptide Cardigan in Sky, Soho Shirt in Baby Blue Corduroy, Promenade Cashmere Cardigan in White, Fleur Pant in Ivory Denim, High Tide Cashmere Sweater in White, Cleopatra Cotton Dress in Royal Stripe, Art. 06 Loafer in Navy Suede. Shop the Travel Edit.



If a summer in Europe is calling your name and you find sipping artisan wine in Italy and eating fresh pasta on the daily agenda then this is the packing list for you!

  • Cotton Tees please! Lightweight, breathable, versatile. What more can I say…
  • Dresses. Opt for linen,cotton poplin, voile and silk as these fabrics are great for warmer weather.
  • Shorts! If your holiday involves a beach then these are a must! Perfect for throwing on over bathers.
  • A gorgeous midi skirt. Great for a balmy night out. Pair with a subtle heel to create a flowy feminine look.


Clockwise from left: Fiesta Dress in Hot Pink Seersucker, Rainbow Heart Tee in White/ Pink, Angelica Skirt in Petal Blossom, Remy Shorts in Blue Blossom. Shop the Travel Edit.

For more outfit inspo YOU CAN SHOP OUR TRAVEL EDIT or feel free to contact us for any product specific recommendations.