From Work to the Weekend...
There is nothing more satisfying than something that’s multi-purpose. Whether that’s your spray and wipe, or pieces in your closet. Building a wardrobe is all about versatility, and while we’re not all stylists by profession it is something that we do each day.
There’s a common theory that what you wear to work is just that, work-wear. But your office-friendly favourites are favourites for a reason. Who says these key week day pieces can’t be embraced on the weekends too?
No matter your weekend plans, there is always an opportunity to dress for the occasion. While the occasion may vary, the pieces in your wardrobe stay the same.
We’ve curated our favourite pieces that you can wear day-to-day whether your tied to the desk or out and about.

Silk Selects

The only way to describe silk is luxurious. Stepping into a silk piece is like sleeping on newly washed bed linen or that first sip of coffee in the morning. It’s effortlessly sophisticated look is something that makes it silk a perfect work-wear option. In saying this, it is also one of most easily dressed up or down fabrics. Able to be paired with sneakers or boots, jeans, t-shirts, your favourite shirt or a casual jumper. If you start with a silk piece, the styling options are truly endless.
The Silky Sundae Skirt is the perfect example of a staple that’s appropriate for both work and play. Dress it up with a mule or heeled boot in the office and step out to Sunday brunch with a white sneaker and crew neck sweater.
Our Silk Chiquita Top (either long or shortsleeved) is no exception to the rule. A statement piece with options to layer and delicate details. A perfect work-wear staple, and easily carried into your Saturday night plans.

Luxe Linens

If the silk look isn’t for you, then Linen may be your go-to. Another natural fibre that can be both casual and professional. Your linen wide leg pants and shirt pair perfectly for your office days, but swap out the pants for jeans or the shirt for a tee and you’ve got weekend-wear sorted.

Investing in versatile wardrobe staples is one of our favourite forms of self-care. There’s nothing more rewarding than rolling out of the office, ready for the weekend in your favourite outfit. So go on, shop our favourite work to weekend selects…