Find Your Forever Sweater...
As winter well and truly sets in we’re finding ourselves pulling out old wardrobe favourites. At Alessandra we embrace this mindset, constantly striving to provide our community with pieces that they can wear and love forever.
The only better feeling than treating yourself to a winter staple is having the flexibility to wear it not only next season, but in years to come.
Our winter range is curated and manufactured with longevity and luxury in mind. We’re proud of creating high quality pieces that excite our customers to take on a winter’s day.
In the market for your next forever sweater? We’re here to showcase 5 types of sweater that will never go out of style…
A sweater’s selling point is its shape, and everyone has a preference. Whether it’s tight fitting, close to the body for extra insulation or an oversized, light-weight staple that allows for layering - find you’re next favourite sweater in the list below.



The term ‘Classic Fit’ gets thrown around, but let’s clear up what that actually means. Think, not too tight, not too loose. A Classic fit sweater is designed to both hug, and fall off the body at once. Commonly a crew neck, your classic fit sweater will be form fitting on the shoulder, loosen around the chest and finish with a flattering drape.
See our favourite classic fits here:




Form-fitting is a term that’s common in the fashion world, it refers to a snug fit that will hug your shoulders, arms and bust and flow down from there. A form-fitting sweater sits tighter to your body, providing warmth and insulation.
Here’s a sneak peak of our favourites:



The easiest ‘throw it on and go’ option. An oversized fit is one that you don’t have to worry about. Your oversized sweater will fall off your body flawlessly as soon as it’s pulled over your head. Perfectly paired with practically everything in your wardrobe, discover our favourite oversized sweaters here:



The name says it all - a V-Neck sweater can be a classic, form fitting or oversized shape with a deep V through the chest. This sweater highlights your décolletage, allows for accessories and provides a shape that’s easy to dress up, or down.
See our favourite V-neck selects here:



Last, but certainly not least, we have everyone’s favourite shape - A Polo Neck. Perfect for those freezing cold days when you don’t want to carry a scarf with you. Commonly a classic or form fit, Polo necks are about as simple and easy as winter dressing gets.
The only way to describe Australia’s climate is diverse. Your postcode determines what makes up your wardrobe. We understand that Winter looks different for everyone so we’ve included these five staple shapes in our cashmere and blend collections so everyone can find their forever sweater.