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Cashmere Care Guide
Cashmere is one of life’s simplest luxuries.  It is renowned for its soft finish, flawless feel and long-term insulation. We love designing and manufacturing with this natural fibre so you can take home a piece of luxury and wear it forever.
Just like you invest in your cashmere, your cashmere invests in you. To ensure that your garment lasts its intended lifespan it is important that you care for it correctly.


Yes, it’s true. You can machine wash your cashmere. Ensure your machine is set to a delicate cycle or alternatively use a bowl of cold water and your favourite laundry detergent to hand wash your garment.
If machine washing, always use a mesh bag to ensure your sweater stays protected from friction and agitation which may cause pilling.


Once finished, lay your sweater flat on a dry towel. Make sure you use a light coloured towel so that the dye does not run into your damp sweater.
Roll up your sweater in the towel to remove any excess water. Avoid wringing out the towel as that can affect the shape of your sweater.  Unroll the towel, remove your sweater and lay out flat , in a shaded spot, to dry.


To create the garments that you know and love, we use premium natural fibres. Over time, natural fibres such as cashmere and wool have the tendency to pill. We know removing these pills can be a pain, but to ensure your sweaters look brand new forever, we recommend you use a fabric shaver.


HOW TO: De-pill

  • Lay your garment on a flat surface
  • Turn on your Evercare Fabric Shaver and gently run it over the surface of your sweater.  Notice, the tiny blades making quick work of all those nasty pills!
  • Regularly empty the lint holder in the handle of the shaver for the best results.
  • Wear you cashmere, pill and worry free!


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